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  *We are usually at a job site so please call before you drive out.

Stained floors are an excellent option for anyone who wants a durable and low maintenance hard surface floor.  We start with your existing concrete floor or use an overlay for areas that are not already concrete or for concrete that is in need of a facelift.  When you combine the natural beauty of stains with decorative overlays, you can create a truly customize your floor.  For the most durable floor system, polyaspartic chip floors are unbeatable, this is why it is used in high-end garages.

Here a few examples of what we can offer:


Acid stains or water based "environmentally green" stains come in many colors.  This process can be used on interior floors along with outdoor patios, driveways, etc.  The sealer used will depend on depth of shine, location and whether it is commercial verses residential or new construction verses home owner occupied. (solvent based sealers or very odorous.)

Our overlay system is a polymer modified, cementitious  coating that can be as thin as 1/16th of an inch up to 3/4 inch, depending on the look our client is wanting.

Polyaspartic floors start with a profile grinding to allow the sealer to really grab hold of the floor.  The base color and the chips make a dramatic statement.  The chips help with the durability while the polyaspartic sealer leaves your floor chemically resistant to the traffic salts, battery acid, nail polish remover and anything else you can imagine, while maintaining a beautiful shine.

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